Writing Samples

Ken Follett's: The Pillars of the Earth

Selected in-game text and dialogues and  from book II, chapter 11 of the episodic adventure by Daedalic Entertainment. Aliena and Philip go to Shiring for business and to speak to the Earl.

The Night of the Rabbit

Selected dialogue and a few hotspot interaction texts from the fantasy point-and-click-adventure by Daedalic Entertainment. Jerry Hazelnut has followed a leprechaun through a portal and has landed in Ireland. As he has caught the creature, he can now make a wish.

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a fungus

The first translated scene from the German-language horror radio play produced by D.Streamers radio club. Linguist Ewa Wozniak attends a party and hears about the newest trend: Synthetic sounds from websites of unknown origin.


The whole hour-long radio play can be listened to on the right (German-language).

Apocalypse with extra cheese

Collaborative screenplay for a comedic short film about the end of the world and a CEO and her VP preparing for it.