Ken Follett's: The Pillars of the Earth

Daedalic Entertainment

An episodic historical adventure, released on August 15th 2017.

12th century, England: In a time of poverty and war, a small town begins the construction of a cathedral to claim wealth and safety for its people. In their struggle to survive, lives and destinies intertwine. Based on Ken Follett's world-bestseller ‘The Pillars of the Earth’.

Asst. Creative Lead, Game Design, Narrative Design, Writing.


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The Night of the Rabbit

Daedalic Entertainment

A fantasy point-and-click adventure, released May 28th 2013.

Lose yourself in a tale of magic and wonder, where anything is possible and where nothing is quite as it seems: Join young Jerry and follow a peculiar white rabbit to the wondrous realm of Mousewood, a land where critters can speak and where mystery abounds.

Add. Writing.


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Dead Age

Silent Dreams Games

A zombie survival RPG released July 14th, 2016.

Survive the zombie apocalypse with a “Final Fantasy” turn-based combat and permanent death! Manage survivors, craft materials, and make difficult decisions. Defend your camp against hordes of the undead to prevail in this non-linear rogue-lite (comparable to FTL). Innovative Indie Survival-RPG!"

Concept Art, 2D Art, 3D Modeling, Texturing.


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Directing Games eBooks

A non-fiction eBook published October 30th 2016.

Video games have often been regarded as power fantasies. Yet the recent popularity of games that prominently feature disempowerment (e.g. survival games)  may show us that this perspective limits our understanding of the medium. This book is a collection of purposefully disempowering mechanisms used in video games and analyses the reasons why players might be drawn to this experience.



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Radio Play

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a fungus

D.Streamers Radio Club

A horror sci-fi radio play aired on January 19th & 21st 2014, on Antenne Düsseldorf.Synthetic sounds from strange websites are the newest trend among music lovers. A linguist, a foley artist and a suave radio host try to get to the bottom of the phenomenon and reveal something unexpected.

Author, Producer, Voice Actor & Post-Production.


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